Приглашение авторов к участию в специальном выпуске журнала на тему: Political Theology and International Justice

2023-07-14 16:07:00
Журнал «Социологическое обозрение» приглашает исследователей к участию в специальном выпуске журнала. Прием аннотаций на английском языке до 1 августа 2023 года.

Political theology is the main theme of this year’s fourth issue of the journal. This rapidly developing field of scholarship has long since moved beyond the boundaries of the original project outlined by Carl Schmitt a century ago and in his later writings. Contemporary scholars disagree with Schmitt both in the interpretation of particular issues and the articulation of general problems. This does not prevent us from seeing political theology as a highly productive and instructive way of thinking. For sociologists, philosophers, and legal theorists, it is significant that Schmitt links his work on political theology to the questions of constitutional and international law, i.e., to the study of the foundations of the domestic social and political order along with that order’s foreign-policy conditions of possibility. This is especially important in the aftermath of violent international military conflicts, their victories, and defeats.


August 15, 2023 — 500 words abstracts deadline

September 1, 2023 — Invitation to submit full papers

October 1, 2023 — Full papers deadline

October 15, 2023 — Notification of acceptance

November 1, 2021 — Revised papers deadline

December 31, 2021 — Publication

RSR Call for papers 2023 (PDF, 67 Кб)

Журнал "Социологическое обозрение"
Москва, ул. Ст. Басманная, д. 21/4, стр. 1, А-205.
Зам. главного редактора: Марина Пугачева

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