Ovidiu Tichindeleanu 1, Douglas Rogers 2, Andrejs Ļevkins 3, Yulia Gradskova 4, Marina Sokolovskaja 5, Alexei Golubev 6, Paul Wolkenstein 7, Andrey Makarychev 8, Dmitrii Bezuglov 9
  • 1 Independent Scholar, Calea Turzii 160-162, Cluj-Napoca, România 400495
  • 2 Yale University, New Haven, CT 06520-8277, USA 208277
  • 3 Writer, Zirņu 5/2, 27, Latvija LV1013
  • 4 Mid-Sweden University, 851 70 Hus R, Holmgatan 10 851 70, Sundsvall, Sweden
  • 5 Boris Yeltsin’s Museum, Boris Yeltsin str., 3, Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation 620014
  • 6 University of Houston, Agnes Arnold Hall University of Houston, Office 560, Houston, TX, United States 77004
  • 7 Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales (INALCO) , 340 Rue Saint-Jacques, 75005 Paris
  • 8 University of Tartu, Lossi 36-321, Tartu, Estonia
  • 9 Ural Federal University, Lenina ave., 51, room 114a, Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation 620083

Exchange of Views on the Article “In Search of the Global East” by Martin Müller

2020, vol. 19, No. 3, pp. 130–166 [issue contents]
This section presents exchanges between intellectuals from Eastern and Western Europe, Russia, and North America who kindly agreed to read and comment on Martin Mueller’s article “In Search of the Global East”, relying on the situation in their own academic disciplines, work experiences, and the twists and turns of their scientific research and creative challenges. Researchers, academic teachers, exhibition curators, writers, and architects reflect on the power and influence which geographical names exert on academic life, politics, and culture. Starting from Mueller’s article on the Global East, as well as his other text wherein he expresses his skepticism of the concept of post-socialism, the commentators, evaluating Mueller’s arguments critically, raise a number of fundamental questions. Among these questions is the need to historicize scientific concepts, the issue of the regularly-reproducible misunderstanding (or even exclusion) of the East by Western intellectuals, the tasks the inclusion of the Global East in the overall geographical picture will contribute to, as well as the question of whether the concern that the Global East is not sufficiently heard in the world is narrowly academic. This indirect debate between the author of the key text in this thematic issue and his commentators is significant as an episode of the joint search for a more democratic, creative, and inspiring future for the region that unites Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia.
Citation: Tichindeleanu O., Rogers D., Ļevkins A., Gradskova Y., Sokolovskaja M., Golubev A., Wolkenstein P., Makarychev A., Bezuglov D. (2020) Obmen mneniyami po povodu stat'i Martina Myullera «Razyskivaya Global'nyy Vostok» [Exchange of Views on the Article “In Search of the Global East” by Martin Müller]. The Russian Sociological Review, vol. 19, no 3, pp. 130-166 (in Russian)
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