Publishing Ethics

The Russian Sociological Review adheres to the internationally recognized ethical regulations of research and publishing activities as described by international organizations (International Sociological Association and Committee on Publication Ethics). Once Author sends a manuscript s/he confirms that the research has been carried out and the paper has been written in accordance with Ethical Guidelines.

The editorial staff members expect that in their daily activities all the participants of the publishing process follow the rules and guidelines accepted by the global academic community.

Duties of Editor-in-Chief and editorial board members

Editor-in-Chief makes the final decision regarding the publication of a submitted manuscript. Editor-in-Chief may consider opinions of the editorial board members and take into account their views regarding any submission. If a submitted manuscript fits the thematic framework and meets the formal requirements of the Journal, Editor-in-Chief must send it to two reviewers without disclosing the personal information of Author(s). The decision regarding a manuscript should take into account the reviewers’ comments. Normally, book reviews, reports on academic events, obituaries and other biographical notes are not peer-reviewed. Making the final decision, Editor-in-Chief cannot take into account any extra-academic reasons including (but not limited to) gender, sex, race, ethnicity, political preferences of author(s).

Editorial staff members are fully responsible for the publishing process.

In case any third party makes a written request to share the materials of the publishing process, Editor-in-Chief has to consider it and to arrive at a proper decision and inform all the involved parties about the decision. Editorial staff members keep the reviews for no less than five years.

Duties of Reviewers

The main duty is to inform the decision of Editor-in-Chief by providing the comments regarding the academic quality of a submitted manuscript. If Reviewer doubts her/his expertise and ability to provide grounded and valuable comments for professional reasons, s/he should inform Editor-in-Chief and decline the invitation to review a manuscript. Reviewer should not disclose or use any information from a submitted manuscript, or send it to any third parties unless allowed by Editor-in-Chief. In the review Reviewer has to clearly indicate the strong and weak sides of a manuscript and, if necessary, suggest the ways to improve it. If Reviewer discovers (or even suspects) plagiarism, s/he should immediately inform Editor-in-Chief and provide available evidence for further investigation. In case of conflict of interests, Reviewer has to inform Editor-in-Chief and decline the invitation to review.

Duties of Authors

Submitted manuscript should be a product of original research carried out in accordance with Ethical Guidelines. Author(s) should indicate all the sources (including her/his own) and follow the required guidelines. If any materials or ideas have already been published in other places (including in different languages), Author(s) should indicate this fact in references and/or provide the description of sources. Author(s) should not submit materials with the results already published in more than one publication. The list of authors should include any scholars whose contribution to the production of the manuscript may be considered significant. Including the names of other people is not permitted. In case there has been discovered a mistake in already published paper, Author(s) should inform Editor-in-Chief and they together work out the way to correct it and/or inform the audience. Author(s) should also indicate the financial sources, which may have impact upon collected data and its interpretation.


The Journal keeps the copyright. We require that once published material in our Journal is not published again without a notice and written (electronic) permission. In addition, Author(s) should make sure that in all the subsequent publications there is an indication of the initial publication in the Review. The journal insists that Author(s) provide full details about the publication in The Russian Sociological Review if posting online, sharing, or distributing their articles.


The Journal watches closely the facts of plagiarism in submissions and therefore we strongly advise authors that they follow the Journal's manuscript requirements regarding citations and bibliography and that they also indicate all the authors of the submitted materials. Our editorial board and reviewers follow strict policy regarding plagiarism. If plagiarism is discovered in submitted materials, the Journal refuses to consider all subsequent materials of author(s) in question.

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