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  • 2 Independent Scholar, Navtlugi str. 10, Tbilisi, 0194, Georgia

A Sociological Analysis of the Institutional Aspect of the Global Sociology of M. Burawoy

2019, vol. 18, No. 3, pp. 172–194 [issue contents]
This article offers the institutional side of the global sociological project presented by M. Burawoy for consideration. The main critics of this approach currently ignore the role of institutions, and concentrate more often on the ideological side of the issue. In this paper, it is proposed to trace the usage of the institutional mechanisms of the ISA to promote the idea of the internationalization of sociology on a global scale. On the basis of the historical and sociological method, the connection between the ISA World Sociological Congresses, the institute of the presidency of the ISA, the presidential address, and the project of global sociology found in the approach of the British scientist will be demonstrated. Through the analysis of Burawoy’s articles, the main program statements of the development of global sociology will be defined. Special attention will be paid to the institute of the ISA presidential speech and its usage in the context of the global sociology of Burawoy. This paper postulates the problem of the excessive centralization of the project on the institutional link with the various resources provided by the ISA.
Citation: Kislenko I. (2019) Sotsiologicheskiy analiz institutsional'nogo aspekta global'noy sotsiologii Maykla Buravogo [A Sociological Analysis of the Institutional Aspect of the Global Sociology of M. Burawoy]. The Russian Sociological Review, vol. 18, no 3, pp. 172-194 (in Russian)
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