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Saskia Sassen. Introduction. Deciphering the Global

2008, vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 44–48 [issue contents]
The review of an introduction to the collection of papers “Deciphering the Global: Its Spaces, Scalings and Subjects” explains the main idea and the key principle, which Saskia Sassen followed to assemble the book. Sassen focuses on the idea of global which is highly popular in contemporary social sciences. Social scientists usually contrast the global scale of phenomena to the local level so that the latter is closely connected with the territory of national state. Sassen’s contribution to this discussion is a proposition to study global in the local contexts which are often dismissed. The review is concluded by the examples of the application of this approach towards different phenomenon. 
Citation: Farkhatdinov Nail Galimkhanovich (2008) Saskiya Sassen. Vvedenie. Rasshifrovyvanie global'nogo [Saskia Sassen. Introduction. Deciphering the Global] The Russian Sociological Review, 1, pp. 44-48 (in Russian)
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