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Book Review: S. Kravchenko. “Non-linear socio-cultural dynamics: game-ization approach”

2007, vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 71–74 [issue contents]
The last book by S. Kravchenko “Non-linear socio-cultural dynamics: game-ization approach” is reviewed. In the review beginning the author divides game-ization concept from classical “game” concept. Such procedure is necessary for explanation of theoretical novelty of the book. Its’ advantages and disadvantages are analyzed in the review. The disadvantage is unveiled as rather a weak evidence of game-ization being the key factor of contemporary socio-cultural dynamics. According to the review, the main book’s advantage is combination of theoretical approach originality and link with postclassical paradigms. Detailed analysis of game-ization link with the whole sociology of 20th century (from Sorokin till Ritzer) is also an important part of the article.
Citation: Gusev Alexey (2007) S.A. Kravchenko. Nelineynaya sotsiokul'turnaya dinamika: igraizatsionnyy podkhod. M.: MGIMO-Universitet, 2006. [Book Review: S. Kravchenko. “Non-linear socio-cultural dynamics: game-ization approach”] The Russian Sociological Review, 1, pp. 71-74 (in Russian)
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