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The Concept of “Ministry” in English and Russian Discussions of Modern Protestants

2022, vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 230–249 [issue contents]
The purpose of this paper is to consider how contemporary Protestants interpret the concept of “ministry”. The use of one or another interpretation determines specific ideas on economic and political activity, which, on the one hand, are conditioned by cultural and national contexts and, on the other hand, transform them. In fact, we are talking about the expansion of theological languages into the political sphere and their consequent transformation into political ones. There are two principle approaches to understand “ministry” in Protestant communities. The first assumes a strong connection with church community activities, while the other allows a broader view of the ministry including all areas of professional activity. The second approach is more consistent with the “Universal Priesthood” doctrine, which presupposes the equality of all types of positive activity when evaluated from the perspective of the Christian mission. The terms used by both approaches are somewhat similar, which makes comparisons rather challenging. It is therefore necessary to clarify and analyze the main idioms and adverbs used by the participants in the discussion. The study shows that the result of the first approach to understanding “ministry” is a strengthening of the hierarchies in Protestant communities, and the second is a comprehensive revision of church structures, and then of political and economic realities.
Citation: Egorov S. (2022) Ponyatie «sluzhenie» v yazykakh angloyazychnykh i russkoyazychnykh diskussiy sovremennykh protestantov: noveyshie diskussii i tendentsii [The Concept of “Ministry” in English and Russian Discussions of Modern Protestants]. The Russian Sociological Review, vol. 21, no 2, pp. 230-249 (in Russian)
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