Andrey Rezaev 1, Natalia Tregubova 1
  • 1 St. Petersburg State University, Universitetskaya Naberejnaya, 7-9, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation 199034

Sociology on the Way to New Social Analytics: The Crisis in Sociology and the Problem of Artificial Intelligence

2021, vol. 20, No. 3, pp. 280–301 [issue contents]
At the turn of the 21st century, sociology as a science has become an object of criticism both from inside and outside the discipline. At the same time, the late-20th and early 21st centuries endorse an unprecedented splash of technological development, specifically the advancement of artificial intelligence technologies. The paper tries to show a relation between these two tendencies. For the authors, two questions are in the spotlight: (1) how have evaluations of the professional sociologists on what is happening to the discipline changed over the last 20 years? and (2) how could these evaluations be related to the research questions that the development of AI technologies brings to social sciences? In the first part of the paper, the authors examine and compare the participants' positions in the discussion about the future of sociology organized by the journal Contemporary Sociology in 2000. The second part of the paper examines two articles published in 2019 where it was proclaimed “the end of sociology.” The paper discusses why the debates about the crisis of sociology have shifted towards radical criticism during these years and how new arguments refine and supplement the previous discussions. In conclusion, the authors propose one way out of the crisis in sociology. They suggest the radical renewal of sociological science into a-typical and anti-disciplinary social analytics with the central orientation into “artificial sociality” inquiries.
Citation: Rezaev A., Tregubova N. (2021) Ot sotsiologii k novoy sotsial'noy analitike: krizis sotsiologii i problema iskusstvennogo intellekta [Sociology on the Way to New Social Analytics: The Crisis in Sociology and the Problem of Artificial Intelligence]. The Russian Sociological Review, vol. 20, no 3, pp. 280-301 (in Russian)
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