Olaf Guenther 1, Vitaly Vedernikov 2
  • 1 University of Olomouc, Křižkovsk ho 511/8, Olomouc, Czech Republic 77900
  • 2 St. Petersburg Mining University, Vasilievsky Island, 21 Liniya, 2, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation 199106

On the Trail of Alexander von Humboldt in the Altai: A Mental Time Travel?

2021, vol. 20, No. 2, pp. 185–199 [issue contents]
The article discusses “trail travel” as mental travel in time as well as the idea of a symbolic presentation of a material object and the material framing of social relations, which altogether produce tourism. In order to reveal the meaning of the material for “trail travel”, the author uses the three metaphors conventional for actor-network theory (space, networks, and flows) unconventionally. The author illuminates the meaning of space for time travel through “containerization”, that is, the allocation of a material object into which the traveler can “enter” and, in so doing, move through time. In other words, the container, in this case, is not the previously-criticized territory preserved for tourists, but the packed space-and-time. The metaphor of fluid allows the author to reveal how a tourist, looking at a material object (such as a geological exhibit), can observe the retroactivity of time explaining the space changes. Finally, the network metaphor allows the author to show that time is not a flow of irreversible sequences, but a way of representing space. In this way, the article weaves together space and time and shows, that in “trail travel”, time is space and space is time.
Citation: Guenther O., Vedernikov V. (2021) S Aleksandrom fon Gumbol'dtom na Altae — mental'noe puteshestvie vo vremeni? [On the Trail of Alexander von Humboldt in the Altai: A Mental Time Travel?]. The Russian Sociological Review, vol. 20, no 2, pp. 185-199 (in Russian)
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