Alisa Tolstokorova 1
  • 1 Independent researcher, POSTE RESTANTE, Kiev, 03067, Ukraine

Socio-Human Derivatives of Globalization: Gender Effect of International Migration and Population Mobility

2014, vol. 13, No. 3, pp. 64–88 [issue contents]
The paper is aimed at the analysis of the emerging subcategories of socio-human derivatives of globalization, unfamiliar to humanity throughout its earlier historic experience. These subcategories are regarded as to be bolstered by increasing international migration and human mobility generated by globalization. The paper regards them in terms of their gender effect, and casts light on the following processes; feminization of international migration caused by the growing share of independently traveling women; globalization of care, incited by the new gendered division of reproductive labour and the growth of world cities requiring a labour market of low-skilled jobs recruited mainly from the third world “new poor”; globalization of waged domestic care work brought about by “care deficit” in households of the Global North and a respective demand in waged care labour of women, performed mainly by migrant workers; globalization of motherhood, resulting from the feminization of poverty and the concurrent feminization of international migration; globalization of personal life, intimacy, and love stemming from the effect of increasing human mobility on family bonds and kinship relationship; globalization of desire as a “Pandora box” of the post-industrial era insofar as it is incited by the “affluence syndrome”, and is pinned on the “chase for lures”; globalization of childhood, covering such processes as international adoption of orphans, child-sex, labor trafficking and domestic slavery, child-soldiers, refugees or asylum claimants, and globalization of risk, generated by the “world war on terror”, and global uncertainty of “high modernity”.
Citation: Tolstokorova A. (2014) Sotsiogumanitarnye proizvodnye globalizatsii: gendernyy effekt mezhdunarodnoy migratsii i mobil'nosti naseleniya [Socio-Human Derivatives of Globalization: Gender Effect of International Migration and Population Mobility]. The Russian Sociological Review, vol. 13, no 3, pp. 64-88 (in Russian)
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