Jean-Marc Tétaz 1 (Transl. by: Michail Maiatsky 2 )
  • 1 Independent researcher
  • 2 National Research University Higher School of Economics, 20 Myasnitskaya Str., Moscow, 101000, Russian Federation

Narrative identity as a theory of practical subjectivity. An essay on reconstruction of Paul Ricœur’s theory

2012, vol. 11, No. 2, pp. 100–121 [issue contents]

The concept of personal identity is one of the most sensitive questions in Paul Ricoeur’s oeuvre. In this article we show what makes originality of Ricoeur’s conception of narrative identity by analyzing the way it is presented in Oneself as Another and by pointing out the difference between the ricoeurian concept and the concept of narrative identity, introduced by Alasdair MacIntyre. For this reason we would like to focus on the analysis of configuration and refiguration, studied by Ricoeur in his oeuvre Time and Narrative. We would also include the notion of narrative identity into the conception of hermeneutics and demonstrate that the originality of the ricoerian concept is based on the possibilities offered by the theory of narration explicated in the debates with structuralism and literary theory. This sets the issue of subjectivity (self), in which the problematic of narrative identity is inscribed. This “philosophy of the first person” makes the key object of the second part of the research. The article shows how the self applies the narrative intrigue to his/her own life by identifying him(her)self with a storyteller or with a character. A reader or a storyteller constructs his/her narrative identity so that the process of self-understanding becomes possible.

Citation: Tétaz Jean-Marc (2012) Narrativnaya identichnost' kak teoriya prakticheskoy sub"ektivnosti. K rekonstruktsii kontseptsii Polya Rikera [Narrative identity as a theory of practical subjectivity. An essay on reconstruction of Paul Ricœur’s theory] The Russian Sociological Review, 2, pp. 100-121 (in Russian)
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