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Nationality debates

2012, vol. 11, No. 1, pp. 99–119 [issue contents]

The paper analyzes a process of formation of Russian nationalism throughout the 19th century since the formation of the first nationalist programs. The paper also considers competing approaches for the conception of “nationality” and “nation”, as well as transformation of these concepts, formation of the doctrine of “official nationality”, its functioning and the reaction of various ideological currents to this doctrine. The focus is on the debates of 1840–60s between westerners and slavophiles and the features of the slavophile national project. Author also focuses on the unfolding of these doctrines, competing with alternative projects of the Russian nation, as well as the modification of the imperial project. Russian nationalism was formed in the 1860–70s, at the time of active antagonism and internal polemic, not only with the traditional imperial project, but in the collision of the main points of concern. The main point is the “Polish question”, which is interpreted as a deadlock in cooperation with Russian nationalism and empire — the main problem of empire. Firstly, Russian nationalism had no one reasonable solution to save the Kingdom of Poland as a part of the empire. Secondly, traditional methods of imperial domination didn't work in Poland: acquired in the Vienna congress, it was more developed compared to the metropolis. In addition problem points were (1) ukrainofilstvo, (2) “ostzeyskiy question” and (3) “Slavic questions”. Tension between Russian nationalism and the empire is thought as the major factor causing historical dynamics of understanding of “nation” in Russian public thought of the nationalist trend.

Citation: Teslya Andrei (2012) Debaty o narodnosti [Nationality debates] The Russian Sociological Review, 1, pp. 99-119 (in Russian)
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