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Marta Herrero. “Auctions, Rituals and Emotions in the Art Market”

2011, vol. 10, No. 1-2, pp. 79–82 [issue contents]
Marta Herrero employs the Collins’ theory of interaction rituals in her study of art auctions. By the example of the Irish sales in London the author demonstrates the influence of a pre-existing group membership on the creation of collective emotions during the performance of an auction ritual, on functioning of objects of art as material symbols representing a group and on the success of an auction as such.
Citation: Komarova Nataliya (2011) Marta Kherrero. «Auktsiony, ritualy i emotsii na rynke iskusstva» [Marta Herrero. “Auctions, Rituals and Emotions in the Art Market”] The Russian Sociological Review, 1-2, pp. 79-82 (in Russian)
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