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Carl Schmitt’s Political Romanticism

2010, vol. 9, No. 1, pp. 66–74 [issue contents]

Article is an extract of afterword to forthcoming translation of Carl Shmitt’s Political Romanticism(Praxis Publishing House). This book is the first Schmitt’s writing which attracted mass attention of intellectuals. It contains ideas which he elaborated whole his scientific career. However it is impossible to understand Political Romanticismwithout proper context – both of epoch and of intellectual and political biography of Schmitt. Before he started criticizing romanticism Schmitt goes through the enthusiasm with romanticism. This enthusiasm of young jurist is a key issue of this extract.

Citation: Filippov Alexander F. (2010) Politicheskiy romantizm Karla Shmitta [Carl Schmitt’s Political Romanticism] The Russian Sociological Review, 1, pp. 66-74 (in Russian)
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