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The vitality of Hobbes' Philosophy. Continued

2009, vol. 8, No. 3, pp. 113–122 [issue contents]
In the Social Science, as different from the history of ideas, the steady preconception of viewing Hobbes as the philosopher who considered human to be a rational and selfish being exists. Such human beings in their natural condition set the war of all against all, but only the strong power can preserve them in the condition of peace. However true Hobbesian views as to the human relationships have almost nothing in common with these trivial suggestion. The article deals with some aspects of Hobbesian anthropology and his doctrine of the virtue. It is argued that the social order is represented by Hobbes as very agile and complex in its structure. At the first glance his philosophy could seem very legible and solely constructivist, designed as the triumph of coherence and implacable logic. At depth - it is not even contradictory, but the terrain of the questions without any answers.
Citation: Filippov Alexander F. (2009) Aktual'nost' filosofii Gobbsa. Stat'ya vtoraya [The vitality of Hobbes' Philosophy. Continued] The Russian Sociological Review, 3, pp. 113-122 (in Russian)
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