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Book Review: Volkov, V., Kharkhordin O. Theory of Practice (2008)

2009, vol. 8, No. 3, pp. 79–83 [issue contents]
The review analyzes the "Theory of Practices" by V. Volkov and O. Kharkhordin (2008). The book considers different approaches that constitute so called "practical" or "pragmatic" turn in social sciences. Authors claim to show how a theorizing in this area of studies is realized. However, it is proposed in the review that they do not meet the challenge. Book "Theory of Practices" demonstrates a particular way of theorization, analysis of which allows lo conclude (following Wittgenstein) that it is impossible to build a theory of practices.
Citation: Korbut Andrei Mikhaylovich (2009) Retsenziya na knigu Volkov V.V., Kharkhordin O.V. Teoriya praktik (2008) [Book Review: Volkov, V., Kharkhordin O. Theory of Practice (2008)] The Russian Sociological Review, 3, pp. 79-83 (in Russian)
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