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Book review: J.Habermas. Technology and science as ‘ideology’

2007, vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 60–64 [issue contents]

Review on Russian translation of Jurgen Habermas’s collection of papers “Technology and science as ‘ideology’” mainly pays attention to the article of the same name, where the problem of rationality, which is classical for theorizing in sociology, is challenged. Using the examples of technology and science Habermas follows H.Mercuse and shows the political dimension of expansion of purposeful-rational action, which was described by Max Weber in connection with the shift from traditional to modern types of society. Discussion of science and its relations to technology allows Habermas to study the problem of classical sociology – the shift to modernity – in novel way and to interpret notions of ideology and class struggle in a new way.

Citation: Farkhatdinov Nail Galimkhanovich (2007) Tekhnika i nauka kak «ideologiya»: cherez 40 let na russkom yazyke. Khabermas Yu. Tekhnika i nauka kak «ideologiya» / Per. s nem. M.L.Khor'kova. M.: Praksis, 2007 [Book review: J.Habermas. Technology and science as ‘ideology’] The Russian Sociological Review, 2, pp. 60-64 (in Russian)
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