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Two languages

2007, vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 38–40 [issue contents]

The commentary speaks about the way some so different traditions of thought – such as Heidegger, Benjamin, Foucault, Aristotle  - are being put together in Agamben’s analysis of non-structured power in the modern western world. The commentary is interested in the Agamben’s uncommon way of investigation by exploiting so unregular notions as “idleness”, “aura” and ‘caesura”. It is shown that by doing this Agamben discovers the “profanation” strategy as a way of possible emancipation in the  world that seems have lost any divine dimension and is nearly reduced to  a “naked  life”. And if a concentration camp really has become a paradigm of modernity the power in this model is based on the appropriation of the sacred.  Once the sacred being brought back in to the world it reveals the profane essence of this one. 

Citation: Novikov Dmytry (2007) Dva yazyka [Two languages] The Russian Sociological Review, 1, pp. 38-40 (in Russian)
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