Oleg Yanitskyi 1
  • 1 Institute of Sociology of the RAS, 24/35-5, Krzhizhanovskogo Street, Moscow, 117218, Russia

Perspectives of globalization

2003, vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 44–49 [issue contents]
This paper analyzes the features of “Russia in global policy” journal. The term “globalization” is the central concept, which is considered in the frames of this journal. Moreover, the problem of self-determination of Russia is a very serious & essential problem too. It is a hard question, how Russia should integrate into global economic system. All of these questions are not only constituted in this journal, but also they undergo interdisciplinary analysis.
Citation: Yanitskyi O. (2003) Perspektivy globalizatsii (po stranitsam novogo zhurnala «Rossiya v global'noy politike») [Perspectives of globalization]. The Russian Sociological Review, vol. 3, no 2, pp. 44-49 (in Russian)
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